Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction Trading in MCX Commodity Market with Kanak Trades

Welcome to kanaktrades.com. We are thankful as you have visited our web site, Kanak Trades fundamental and technical based Research team, the company provided multitude Segment services Bullion Trading Call, Energy Jackpot Call, Base Metal Call, Positional Call and Pay Per Call Services, jackpot calls & HNI Calls.

As a fundamental Analyst they study the lots of factors that affect the mcx commodity prices. First we study the economic factors like interest rate, inflation, nation profits, political factors etc.
As a technical analyst we study the price movements of the particular company’s mcx commodity in the market accurately predict the price that might occur in future. We use financial tools with software support.

More and more people are in form of investors or traders enter mcx commodity market to make quick money via either intraday trading or through Positional trading but due to lack of Experience, knowledge, strategy, discipline or fear; most of the time they incur losses. Only few smart traders/investors earn money in both Rising as well as Falling Market.

Our aim is to offer people with opportunities to make fast money with low risk in a short period of time. Long term mcx commodity trend of the market is too tough because, mcx Commodity market is affected by many factors like foreign Markets, Bank policies, companies results, FII'S trend, domestic mutual funds trend & political behavior, which keep changing.

We are the only expert of option trading in India who have designed a developed a zero loss trading strategy by getting in links with the HNI and the operators of mcx commodity market and further combining it with our knowledge and expertise to offer a zero loss strategy to aid, guide and assist a normal trader to ride the challenges and the opportunities of mcx commodity bullion Segment and getting full advantage of multiplying capital in a short span of time.

What is Intraday Sure Shot Tips?:

Intraday Sure Shot Trading tips is a buying or selling recommendation given in MCX Commodity Segment. We give sure shot tips only & only when our Technical team is 90% confident that the mcx will hit the targets & market trend is also in our favor.

We provide 1-2 Commodity Jackpot Calls in MCX with an accuracy of more than 90%. The calls are given in Gold & Silver. You can also available 15 Days Paid Trial for test our accuracy and if satisfied you can join the full month 30 days services with Silicon Point Financials. You get sufficient time to enter in our calls and can maximize your profit with us.

Our Crude Oil Trading Tips service is a highly personalized service with a one-to-one contact with the customer. All HNI clients are assigned an experienced Relationship Manager, through whom the calls and updates are given to the customer. The medium of the calls are through a direct telephone call to the HNI client by the concerned Relationship Manager. The customer is most welcome to ask query(s) about their existing past performance portfolio and get the analysts view on the market. There is a separate service for HNI MCX the client has the option of availing either one or all the services. The HNI customer is advice about the quantity of shares/lots to be purchased/sold at the given level and the level at which the income is to be booked by his /her Relationship Manager. As the calls are filtered after a lot of efforts put by the team of qualified analysts the numbers of calls are less but the accuracy level is very high.

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