Thursday, 30 November 2017

Reasons Why Commodity Traders Lose Money

Kanaktrades is an advisory company, which is located in Faridabad, India. We offer service in all commodity with 85-90% accuracy and 24X7 supports for every client or traders. Today we talk about "Reasons Why Commodity Traders Lose Money".

If you have not observed by now, most people who business in commodity market, they lose his capital. Most of the reports variety in the 80 to 95 % of those who have lost or who are losing in the world of dealing in commodity market. Those researched are hopeless for someone who wants to project into dealing products. Luckily, many of the losers have common characteristics that promote their dropping and they can actually help others achieve success.

Many new investors or traders do not inform themselves on how to business in commodity market effectively. This goes beyond studying the ticker signs, futures dealing edges and contract sizes of a number of products. You are competitive against other investors who have had the best coaching in the company and have been dealing expertly for many decades. Believe me, they will not take is easy on you. You keep ranking with cash in this company and everyone is trying gain as many factors as possible.

It is a best suggestion that do not take risk 5% on any one business. Most expert cash supervisors risk less than 2% on any one business. This is difficult if you begin dealing in commodity with only an Rs.10, 000 amounts in your account. In such cases, you should risk no more Rs.500 on a business. If you want to risk no more than Rs.500 on a business, all you have to do is position a stop-loss purchase Rs.500 away from your access. It doesn’t assurance you won’t reduce more fat than Rs.500, but it is as near as you can get.

And last one is that, most of the traders or investors think that, they can do good trading self. But they have no idea that they have know enough about market and its movement, and they play with his money, and finally lose his capital. Some traders join fake company who promise him to give 100% sure calls, but they don’t know that in commodity market, 100% is nothing. A good advisory can give you 85-90% accuracy maximum. They will never promise you for 100% sure calls.

Kanaktrades has a technical team; they all are professional and educated. They have approx 10-15 years of experience in commodity market. We generate calls by our technical and fundamental basis. We provide Accurate Commodity Tips, MCX Trading Tips, Free Mcx Tips, Intraday Trading Tips, Intraday Tips, Gold Updates, Silver Trading Tips, MCX Tips Free Trial, Gold Trading Tips, Free Mcx Trading Tips and Commodity Trading Tips in bullion, base metal and energy service. We maintain maximum accuracy 85-90% not 100%. Get daily intraday profitable calls and be a success trader.

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