Friday, 3 November 2017

High Profitable Commodity Advisory Company in India

KanakTrades is an certified company who offer advisory service in all Indian commodity like Bullion (Gold & Silver), Base metal (Copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, & Nickel) and Energy (Crude Oil & Natural gas). We know that commodity market is very risky and volatile market, in this market trading is not easy, so you need to trade with advisory company who offer MCX Commodity Trading Tips for market. You need a good advisory company, because money is precious. KanakTrades offer best service in India, because we generate trading calls through technical and fundamental basis.

Mcx Commodity Trading Tips means advised and update about different types of technological and fundamental, different business techniques and learn from the errors of others. So that you could believe in our well-researched technique and become a effective investor. KanakTrades has years of experience in mcx market and dealing and investing, they have a full-fledged research services engaged in macro and commodity complicated and specific research.

Traders come from different city and different types of having capital, but most of the good investors follow what is going on with the activities around the world marketplaces and additional aspects to make their dealing choices and suggestions.

By our Mcx Trading Tips, you can better understand technical research. These types of research help to acquire the skills and the experience necessary to make better deals. To find out about new types of MCX trading tips, you can take part to workshops or other business activities where we can communicate with other investors to use new concepts. This allows us to acquire information from errors of other investors.

A sharp trend in crude oil is being seen. Brent Crude is close to a two-year high and at the moment, prices have reached around $ 61 a barrel. OPEC has seen a complete agreement on the deal to cut crude production. Russia can also now cut production, due to this there has been a sharp increase. Brent crude has risen up to 38 percent from the lower level of June. In the domestic market, crude oil on MCX is showing an increase of 0.14 per cent to close at Rs 3535. Natural gas is rising by 0.53 percent and is around 190 rupees.

There is a trend of increasing trend in gold. Since the declaration of Catalonia being different from Spain, this has accelerated due to increased demand for gold as a safe investment. Gold at the commex is trading around $ 1272 per ounce. On MCX, gold is trading around Rs. 29110 with a weakness of 0.15%. Whereas, silver is showing a modest increase of 0.01 per cent to around Rs 38820.

Speaking of base metals, the Nikkei on MCX is showing an upward trend of 822 rupees with a strong surge of 2.8 per cent. At the same time, zinc is showing a gain of 0.21 per cent around Rs 215. At the same time, Copper is trading close to Rs 450 with an increase of 1.1 per cent. 

We are here to help you to earn more money from MCX commodity market, as soon as fast through investment or business on commodity marketplaces with our best collected data through our researching the industry professionals. We offer Intraday Jackpot Tips, MCX Tips Free Trial maintain accuracy approx 85-95%. We assure you for 100% profit guarantee in Crude Oil Tips Free Trial. Our aim is to inspire more and more people to get in into the Indian MCX Commodity industry and to change them as authentic industry investors and increase the useful our customers.

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